Adaptable textiles for lighting systems and surface covering



Universität der Künste Berlin, Faculty of Design, Institute for Experimental Fashion and Textile Design.

* First prize at the Miquel Mas Molas Award to Textile Design, 2005; granted by Miquel Mas Molas Foundation and the Institute for Catalan Studies, Barcelona.

Mutant Surfaces explores the notions of change, transformation, adaptation, memory and personal history, implicit in the process of definition of the human body-schema and self-image. The developed textiles are the outcome of an exploration carried out with three base materials: copper, latex and wool, which have been selected for their heterogeneity regarding their mechanical and physical properties and aesthetic qualities. Chemical modification of the surface of the different materials has been investigated, affecting copper and latex with acid and corrosive substances. These textiles embody the concepts of transition and adaptation of a human body in terms of natural and artificial constructs and they can be used as covering materials for irregular surfaces and applied in the design of mouldable lightening systems.


Material exploration

Modification of copper and latex surfaces with acid and corrosive substances, in order to obtain colour and rust effects.