Mouldable structures for interior design objects


* Spai-lab platform for the promotion of young designers


Building on the knowledge generated through the material exploration carried out for the project Mutant Surfaces, this project sets out to develop adaptable textile-inspired materials for interior design objects.

Four flexible and mouldable structures have been created by combining the malleability of copper and the elasticity and resilience of leather. I have treated copper chemically, in order to obtain colour effects on its surface; and embossed it to obtain relief textures. I manipulated leather to form ribbons and combined these with the manipulated copper, endowing the resulting assemblies with flexibility and a warm aspect.

The developed textile-inspired structures were employed in the construction of four demonstrator objects for interior design applications: three container modules and one mouldable lampshade. The container modules, suitable for space organization, have a conic shape and can be attached to each other through metallic snaps. The ceiling lampshade can be moulded into different shapes to obtain variations in the quality of the light projected into the environment.


Container modules & mouldable lampshade



Concept and development: Ana Piñeyro
Photography: Gonzalo Armas
Support: ESDi – Escola Superior de Disseny (URL) – Barcelona