Development of automotive plastic components with sensor function integrated in smart textile

May 2009 – October 2011

* Collaboration project at CETEMMSA Technology Centre (now EURECAT) – Smart Objects Lab.

Smart Cover is inscribed within the growing tendency for the adoption of novel, lighter, more compact and eco-friendly solutions in the design of components for the automobile sector, which constitutes an added value and represents a fundamental part in the development of new concepts of vehicles.

The project was lead by CTAG (Galician Automotive Technology Centre) in collaboration with AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastics) and CETEMMSA Technology Centre, and supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Soft button panel

The flexible button panel for integration into the armrest of the door of a vehicle consists of two sensor areas that open and shut the window of the vehicle. Visual and haptic features indicate the functions of the buttons. The visual indicator is provided by retro-illumination of a solid 3D shape with an electroluminescent lamp, printed on to the textile substrate, whereas haptic indication and feedback is given by the soft 3D shape itself.

Technologies and materials

• Resistive textile sensor made of printed silver electrodes and Polypyrrole-coated twill.
• Multi-layered electroluminescent flexible lamp printed onto the textile substrate.

[ M Y  R O L E ]

Design, development and characterisation of the soft button panel

• Definition of the technical specifications for the sensory textile (in collaboration with CTAG).
• Design of the resistive sensors and the visual and haptic features that indicate the function of the buttons, according to the specified dimensions and geometry.
• Selection of materials for the sensors and the button panel.
• Construction of testing probes.
• Coordination of characterisation tests (in collaboration with CTAG and AIMPLAS).

Funded by
Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

CTAG (Galician Automotive Technology Centre)
CETEMMSA Technology Centre (now EURECAT)
AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastics)