Experimental development of intelligent textiles applied to interactive textile toys


* Collaboration project at CETEMMSA Technology Centre (now EURECAT).

[ T H E   P R O J E C T ]


Investigate innovation possibilities deriving from the collaboration between the toy industry and the textile sector, through research and development of Smart Textiles.

Tasks and outcomes

• Analysis of potential applications of Smart Textile for playful and interactive use.
• Study of current norms and legislation applied to textile and electronic toys to determine the commercial feasibility of toys integrating Smart Textiles.
• Development of various typologies of touch sensors and switches dedicated to interactive textile toys.
• Concept design for new interactive textile-based toys integrating textile touch-sensors, textile switches and electronic textiles.
• Development and implementation of demonstrator prototypes for interactive toys.

The Musical Sweatshirt

[age: 8 – 12]

This sweatshirt has integrated touch-sensors that trigger musical notes, allowing to play music while dancing and moving the body.
The designed interaction intends to promote corporal expression and disinhibition, as well as exercising rhythm and movement coordination.

Demonstrated technology:
Capacitive touch sensors with different geometries depending on which part of the garment they are located in. 

Responsive Textile Book 

[age: 1 – 3]

The book is formed by a base and several detachable pieces. When the pieces are place over the corresponding silhouette on the book-base, they generate a sound and emit light. The book is intended to develop children’s senses of sight, hearing and touch, favour the comprehension of the cause-effect relation and exercise their ability to manipulate and associate shapes.

Demonstrated technology:
Textile switch made of conductive Velcro, allowing for signal transmission (on/off) while also providing a fastening system.

[ M Y  R O L E ]

Design and development of interactive textile toys applying Smart Textiles

• Design of concepts for interactive textile toys based on the application of touch-sensors, switches and electronic textiles.
• Design and development of dedicated textile-based touch sensors and switches according to the requirements for electronic textile toys: capacitive and resistive touch sensors, multi-layered textile switches, different configurations for Velcro switches, sensor/display devices, etc.
• Adaptation of the designed touch sensors and switches to a wearable system.
• Development and construction of two prototypes for interactive toys: the musical sweatshirt and a responsive textile book.

National Program for Experimental Development Projects 2008 (ES);
Traditional Industrial Subsectors: Textiles

AIJU (Toy Industry Research Association)
ASEPRI (Spanish Association for the Industry of Children’s Products)
CETEMMSA Technology Centre